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Easy Financing Available for most credit types!

Jobsite Tilt Equipment Trailer
Jobsite Dump Trailer
Jobsite Enclosed Trailers

We have Financing available for all credit types. We have introductory rates starting at 0% for 6-18 months, other rates range from 5.99% to 24.99%, depending on your credit rating.  We normally have an answer for you within an hour, during normal business hours.


 You can submit your application on our website or apply in person.

Jobsite Trailers

12608 E. Old US Hwy 64

Lexington, NC 27292


Jobsite Fith Wheel Wrecker

Financing for Attachments and 5th Wheel Wreckers:

Jobsite Skid Steer attachments

We also offer these Financing Products:


GAP Protection  


Why GAP is Necessary.


Pays off the remaining principal balance on your financing contract, plus your deductible*, in the event of a total loss.


GAP Protection is available to cover most types of financing contracts, including loan and lease agreements.


• Covers finance contract up to 120% of the vehicle’s MSRP or Retail Value.

• Up to $25,000 maximum claim amount.

• Covers Primary Insurance Deductible up to $1,000.

• Amounts financed up to $350,000

The difference between the Actual Cash Value of your vehicle and the amount of money you owe on your financing contract is called the “GAP”. You are responsible for paying this GAP amount to settle your finance contract if a total loss occurs.

Amount owed on Financing Contract $28,000

Actual Cash Value of vehicle - $23,000

GAP $5,000 Primary insurance deductible (if applicable) + $1,000 Total out-of-pocket expense $6,000 GAP Protection payment $6,000

Total owed to pay off Financing Contract $0

Service Protection Plan:


A toll-free, 24-hour answering service; including holidays and weekends. Covers parts and labor anywhere in the contiguous 48 States and Canada. Towing and trip interruption expense at no extra charge. Surge & Electrical Trailer Brakes Master cylinder and surge actuator system (electric or hydraulic), breakaway switch, backing plates, wheel cylinders, clips and retainers, excluding friction materials. Trailer Suspension Coil and leaf suspension springs, axle shafts, rubber torsion axle, spindles and bearings. Frame Brackets, spring hangers, manual landing gear, manual winch. Trailer Body Components Door/ramp springs, door/ramp/gate hinges, door/ramp/gate handles, exterior door (broken metal), door ramp locks, safety chains. Seals and Gaskets All seals and gaskets on the assemblies listed under covered components. Electrical Factory installed 12V/110V/220V electrical system (including, breaker box and breakers, wiring repairs, connector plugs), exhaust fan and interior/exterior light fixtures (excludes bulbs). Manual Leveling Jacks Manually operated leveling jacks and all components within. Hitch Coupler for both gooseneck and frame mounted hitches. Auxiliary Power Plant/Generator (New trailers only, 4,000 watts or less.) All internally lubricated parts of the power plant engine, starter solenoid, starter and ring gear, P.C. Board and switches, fuel lines and fittings, hour meter, oil pump and fuel shutoff solenoid. Cylinder head(s), block, and barrel are also covered if damaged as a result of a mechanical breakdown of a covered part. Hot Water Burner assembly, tank, thermostat, thermocouple, gas valve, electronic ignition assembly, wiring harness, P.C. Board and switches. Fresh Water System Water pump compressor, water tank, water lines, traps, fittings, faucets, and connections. Air Conditioning (Single 110V roof mount or integral.) Compressor drive motor, evaporator, receiver-dryer, expansion valve, capacitors, relays, thermostat, condenser, condenser fan, blower motor, fans, P.C. Board and switches including pressure cycling switch. Range and Oven Burner assembly, ignition assembly, thermostat, thermocouple, burner valves, microwave oven components, power hood including fan light, P.C. Board and switches. L.P. Gas System Ignitor, regulators, valves and gauges, mounting brackets, pig tails, lines, fittings, and automatic safety shut-off system. Heating System Furnace ignitor, burner assembly, thermocouple, gas valve, thermostat blower motor, P.C. Board and switches. Refrigerator/Freezer Thermostat, thermocouple, cooling unit, burner assembly, ignitor, P.C. Board and switches and heating element. Electrical Power converter/inverter and ceiling vent fan motors. Waste System Plumbing for the shower, toilet, sink(s), and holding tanks; gate valves; and connections. Comprehensive Coverage Covers all components except components/items listed in the what is not covered section of the contract book. Optional Coverages Included in Comprehensive Coverage. Slide Out Room(s) Motor, worm gear, tracks, limiting switches, and wiring repair. Electric/Hydraulic Systems, Including Leveling Jacks Manufacturer installed motor/pump assembly, metal lines, fittings, hydraulic cylinders, electric motors, worm gear and electric switch. Anti-lock Brakes ABS sensor, ABS mounting blocks, ABS sensor retaining clip and ABS tone ring. Air Brakes Service air chamber, air chamber mounting brackets, automatic shock adjusters, cam-shaft bushings and “S” cam. Additional Benefits Included Towing When a covered breakdown disables your trailer, we will pay for towing or emergency road service not to exceed $150 per disability, provided such labor is performed at the scene of the occurrence. Trip Interruption In the event a breakdown occurs more than 100 miles from your home and results in an authorized repair facility keeping your trailer overnight, we will reimburse you for receipted motel and restaurant expenses up to $75 per day for a maximum of three days.

Theft Protection:

Safe-Guard RV/Trailer Theft Protection provides you with the vehicle and financing security you need. Your vehicle is a major investment, so the last thing you want to think about is having it stolen. However, today’s RV/Trailer owner simply cannot afford to ignore that theft is a real possibility. Unfortunately, your insurance will not cover all of the costs associated with a loss due to theft. Your insurance company generally covers only the vehicle value at the time of the loss, leaving you responsible for out-of-pocket expenses. Safe-Guard RV/Trailer Theft Protection provides complete protection for you and your investment.

• Traceable security codes are permanently installed on various parts of your vehicle.

• The codes are recorded in a database accessible by law enforcement agencies to aid in recovery.

• These codes make vehicles less desirable to professional car thieves.  

The following are typical out-of-pocket expenses not covered by your insurance company.

• Replacement vehicle costs (down payment, sales tax and miscellaneous fees).

• Deductibles.

• Payoff deficiencies.

To help offset the costs associated with a stolen RV or trailer, Safe-Guard's Theft Protection Program offers a warranty benefit of up to $5,000 if it fails to prevent the theft or aid in the recovery of the marked trailer.

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