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What is the advantage of a 17k Tilt Equipment Trailer versus a 15k?

Updated: Nov 17

Our axles are true 8k, not 7k with "upgrades"
We build "True" 17K Tilt Trailers

Jobsite Trailers 15k trailer is heavy-duty and rated to haul up to 11,950 lbs.

The advantage of a 17k Equipment tilt vs a15k, a 17k tilt equipment trailer has a stronger frame, heavier cast iron coupler, 17.5" solid wheels with heavy-duty tires, the axle is 3 1/2" in diameter vs 3", the suspension is heavier-duty, and the brakes are 5" wide vs 3" wide. The 17k Tilt trailer is rated to haul 13,850 lbs.

If you need to transport heavy equipment, these are the trailers for you. These trailers are built to carry the heaviest and toughest haul items. Complete with fold-up ramps, a wood or diamond plate floor, and adequate trailer lighting. Equipment trailers are often very open with no siding to ensure they can carry oblong objects.

What Are Standard Sizes For Equipment Trailers?

Equipment trailers generally have 20-foot lengths. This allows them to carry the maximum capacity that you need. There are smaller equipment trailers, but you usually won’t see them very often. If you are in the market for an equipment trailer, be sure to calculate what you will be most often towing.

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