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What size trailer do I need?

Updated: Nov 17

Jobsite 82x20 Landscape Trailer with sidegate
Jobsite Landscape trailer

Most single axle Trailers are rated for 2,990 lbs GVWR or less, unless the axle has brakes on it. What size trailer should I buy?

Do I need a single axle or tandem axle trailer?

Advantaged to tandem axle trailers:

4 tires touching the ground as opposed to 2 (helpful in case of a blowout).

Brakes on the axles help the trailer to stop better.

Trailers with 4 tires are generally more stable than trailers with 2 tires.

Can be rated 6,000 lbs and heavier.

Finding the right trailer sizes can make all the difference as you begin to haul your load. Your trailer size depends on what you are moving and how those items need to be stored. In this article, we are going to take a look at some standard guidelines for picking the best trailer sizes.

Determining the best trailer sizes for your needs is going to be dependent on a handful of things. The first item you will want to determine is the size of your hauls. In this case, the idea of “haul size” takes on two meanings. The first meaning is physical size. How large are the items you will need to haul? It may seem obvious, but you will usually require far less space to haul a lawn mower than several couches.

The second meaning of haul size is how heavy your load is. Think of it this way. Maybe you need to be able to tote around a few bales of hay for your hobby farm. The haul size is going to be far less in weight than a motorcycle. However, you may need the same trailer size because of the space the hay bales take up.

One tip we have found to help many people make the correct decision is that going slightly bigger than you think you will need will usually help you in the long run. No matter what size trailer you purchase, you will find that it has limits. However, buying a slightly larger trailer now will save you the money you would otherwise spend when you “need” to upgrade to the next size.

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